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By Hand: An International Fine Crafts Biennale Coker Family Gallery

By Hand is an international biennial fine craft competition. Handcrafted items include everything from furniture, elegant vases and jewelry boxes to wall hangings, pottery and sculpture made by hand from glass, clay, wood, metal and fiber. The By Hand Biennale is organized in partnership with the Creative Arts League.

Marianne Bland Westpark Workshop Gallery

Recipient of the Gloria Burts Fellowship Award

ARTIST STATEMENT: "I collect, select and recreate images in a process of layering drawing and painting. City scenes allow me to examine my own changing perspectives as well as those of American society, by focusing on the elements that bear silent witness to every public moment. These settings are shared spaces imbued by a collective history, layered with memories of lived experiences. Night views emphasize the subtle narratives of human nature within the urban landscape, and make me wonder if I’m documenting the last gasps of a falling empire or the dark before the dawn."


Creative Arts League Artists Small Works Gallery

The Creative Arts League of Sacramento (CALS) is a group of artists, craftspeople and art patrons advancing the interests of contemporary art and fine craft in Sacramento and Northern California.

New Member Artists Smith & Wanish Gallery

Blue Line Arts welcomes and celebrates the work of our newest Artist Members. Our members are the heart and soul of Blue Line Arts and it is our pleasure to showcase the innovative and thought-provoking works our members are creating. With a range of inspired works by seasoned to emerging artists, you're sure to enjoy this collection!

Sierra College Show - Art

Sierra College Hallberg Merit Award Winners Broad Education Gallery

Through the generous donation from the Hallberg Family, a scholarship fund has been established to promote the arts, "The Hallberg Merit Award Scholarships." An art exhibit featuring Sierra College students who have won scholarships for their excellence and dedication to their chosen mediums. 

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