Art of Darkness 2019

Art of Darkness 2019

“The purpose of art is to express all the elements of life. Not only the divinity and optimism in our world but also the dark and unwanted aspects of the society around us. The focus of my artwork is to illuminate the less desirable and often overlooked details that have a tendency to slip into the dark cracks of our consciousness. The purpose of this show to shed light on this Art of Darkness.”

-Lin Fei Fei


Duality- Lin Fei Fei

About the Exhibition

Art of Darkness was a limited-time exhibition and special event series at Blue Line Arts in October 2019, culminating in a ticketed Halloween celebration on October 31st with a live DJ costume contest, photo booth, and festive art activities.

This event marked the gallery's first instance of large, indoor, murals as a part of an exhibition.

Participating Artists

Lin Fei Fei
James Mullen
Thea Cinnamon Macker
John DiSalvo

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