"Homosocial" by Brian Van CamerikMay 25th - July 6th / Reception June 15th

"Homosocial is a project collecting and creating images of queerness in the past and present. One facet of this project involves the organizer, Brian Van Camerik, taking historical images of intimacy between two men and two women and housing them in reliquaries. Van Camerik also fashions the homosocial images within paper microprocessors to create circuitry boards that “process” and try to understand the nuances of LGBTQ relationships."

"The terms homosocial and homosocialilty refer to the closeness, intimacy and tenderness between two people of the same gender. It doesn't necessarily mean homosexual. For instance movies with homosocial overtones are Fight Club and Thelma and Louise. These moveis aren't about homosexuals per se, but are about the social interactions and closeness between two people of the same gender."

Brian Van Camerik



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