By Hand 2024: A Fine Craft Competition

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 “By Hand” – A Unique Exploration of Art and Craft at Blue Line Arts

We're thrilled to announce the opening of our latest exhibit, “By Hand - An International Fine Craft Competition.” This innovative exhibition is scheduled to begin January 20th through March 2nd, offering a refreshing start to the new year with an artistic celebration that bridges traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art.

Sponsored by the Creative Arts League of Sacramento, a vibrant non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion, exhibition, education, and community building around art and exemplary fine craft in their region. “By Hand” elevates this dialogue to new heights. This exhibit showcases a curated selection of handcrafted artworks that illustrate the intricate bond between the artist’s skill and their medium. Blue Line Arts continues its commitment to presenting thought-provoking and innovative works, offering a platform for both established and emerging artists.

By Hand, a biennial juried fine craft competition, set a high standard in exploring the seamless blend between fine craft and art. Embracing a diverse range of handmade artworks, it features artists who push the boundaries of materials such as glass, clay, wood, paper, fiber, and metal. This exhibit aims to celebrate the evolving definitions of craft and art. The Juror Elizabeth Kozlowski, has been awarded numerous curatorial residencies and travel grants including the 2018 Creative New Zealand Cultural Exchange Grant; the 2017 Windgate ITE Scholar-in-Residence at the Center for Art and Wood, Philadelphia; and the Danish Arts Foundation International Research Grant in 2015 and 2017 respectively. Kozlowski is a frequent contributor for Ceramics Monthly and the quarterly journal, Surface Design. 100 pieces of artwork

Visitors to “By Hand” can expect an immersive experience that highlights the beauty and complexity of handcrafted art. The exhibit is designed to encourage contemplation and appreciation of the artists' meticulous techniques and creative visions. It is a celebration not just of the artworks themselves, but of the enduring relevance and adaptability of traditional crafts in contemporary art.

We invite art enthusiasts, critics, and the general public to immerse themselves in the unique world of “By Hand.” This exhibit promises to be a significant event in the art calendar, offering a fresh and inspiring start to the year.

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