Call to Artists: Permanent Mural at the Fountains in Roseville

Request for Proposals

How to apply
Please submit proposal through application link below.

Questions can be submitted by email or directed to:
Brooke Abrames / / 916-783-4117

The site of the work for this request for proposals is the outdoor shopping mall known as the Fountains at 1013 Galleria Blvd #200, in Roseville, California. Fountains at Roseville is the premier outdoor center of the greater Sacramento area - providing a one-of-a-kind shopping, dining and entertainment experience.
Blue Line Arts will serve as the art consultant for the project, to evaluate artist proposals and make recommendations. Artists are contracted directly through a Fountains representative.

Project Timeline:
July 25 – Submittal Deadline.
July 29– Finalists notified of interest, contacted for review of proposals.
Aug 2 – Final date for any design revision requests from finalists.
August 7– Proposal selected and finalized. Agreement signed between Client and Artist. Work at the site to begin as soon as possible.
Aug 31 – All work at the site must be completed no later than this date.

Request for Proposal

On behalf of Fountains, Blue Line Arts requests proposals from professional public artists or artist teams for installation of a permanent outdoor mural. The area to be painted is the wall directly behind the Main Stage area, used for live outdoor performances. The mural should be family-friendly, and not contain any offensive, obscene or controversial content.

Design Considerations:
Surrounding shopping mall aesthetic references Western European architecture and design, with slightly rustic finishes. Large urns and traditional water fountains abound. Surrounding buildings are of a warm neutral color palette, punctuated with black and wrought iron detailing. Brick, stone, warm wood paneling, and sand-colored stucco are the primary finishes. The center also features many large, realistic bronzes of North American forest animals such as elk, deer, foxes, and moose.
The client is interested in an original mural design that are composed of one (or potentially more) forest animals as the subject of the work, and has expressed a preference for foxes. The subject may be other animals drawn from the surrounding sculptures, that are typical North American forest animals. While the client is seeking a clean, modern aesthetic, and favors design elements that are geometric, angular, patterned, and stylized, they would like to avoid an overly-simplistic, minimalist design style and anything that reads as ‘cartoon’. The client is not looking for photo-realistic style.

Preference will be given to designs that utilize more muted, natural color palette, that may include pops of color such as green or blue that evoke natural surroundings. The client is not looking for overtly vibrant brights or neons in abundance. The client is not interested in a black and white or colorless composition.

Site Details:
A retractable veranda extends over the stage mid-wall. Please see attached photos. Shade may be removed during mural installation. There is a gap between the veranda hardware and the wall. The full height of the wall inset behind the veranda should be activated by the mural design, but may be background content. Successful proposals should take the veranda into consideration when composing a design. Power outlets are available on-site.
On-site storage may be arranged with Guest Services for supplies and equipment.


Application Requirements
(Please submit through application portal at
In the application, you will be asked for the following:
1. Name, contact info, website and artist Instagram (optional).
2. Design Proposal: sketches or renderings of any proposed designs and selected color palette. (Submitted as attachment).
3. Proposal Statement: any text description or artist statement that is relevant to design.
4. CV and up to 10 past work files (submitted as attachment).
5. Work plan: Include projected start and completion date per your availability, within the timeline described in the prospectus (Aug 7-31, 2021).
6. Budget - The artist or team of artists must include a draft budget including supplies and materials costs, commission, and an application of the graffiti resistant coating Vandlguard. The budget for the project is not to exceed $4,750. Artists are responsible for all materials and equipment needed to complete the project (submitted as an attachment).

Contractor Requirements
Attached to the RFP are documents detailing the client’s vendor insurance requirements (Exhibit C) and contractor requirements (Exhibit B). These additional documents are not required by the submittal deadline, but will be required should the selected artist enter into a contract agreement with the client.