Christina Liu – Many Moons

moon vase 4

Large Moon Vases and Small Moon Vases by Christina Liu

Exhibition Dates: September 13 - October 26, 2019

Opening Reception: September 21, 4-8pm

SCG ART Residency Reception: October 19, 4-8pm

During the Ana Lisa Hedstrom exhibition, ceramicist Christina Liu's Many Moons exhibition will grace the Feature Foyer.  Vases, plates, bowls, and even matcha cups are available, all in the same gorgeous metallic glaze, though the show is named for the distinctive moon vases in the collection.

Inspired by a traditional Korean pottery form called a moon jar, each moon vase is constructed in two halves—a top and a bottom—and joined by hand. Once fired in the kiln, the two halves must surrender their individual selves as they reach a compromise to exist forever as one.

Korean moon jars were typically made of porcelain and finished in a milky white glaze to resemble the luminous full moon. However, my glazing is done with the phases of the moon in mind. The bronze and golden glazes play with the concept of the light and dark sides of our moon.

The same glazing continues onto other functional forms, rendering the ceramic pieces more metallic in quality. The uneven crystallization of the glaze creates a surface texture reminiscent of something from antiquity, something from many moons ago.

Large Moon Jar #2

Large Moon Vase by Christina Liu

From Liu's Artist Statement:

"Although my work is deeply rooted in functionality, it is not limited by it. Most of the pieces I create are meant as vessels for the serving of food, but they are not merely utilitarian plates or bowls. They are works of art in themselves, intricate objects that invoke a sense of luxury, to be admired and brought onto the dining table only for extraordinary meals. I describe my work as 'sculpturally functional,' where the restaurant can be my gallery with the spotlight on the dining table."

Christina Liu earned her masters degree in ceramics and glass from the Royal College of Art in London, and her work is present in many Michelin-starred restaurants around the world. 

Liu will be delivering an artist lecture during the reception on October 19th, beginning at 4pm. This is a unique opportunity to meet the artist, whose studio is based in Taiwan.

You can learn more about the artist at christinaliuceramics.com



Faceted Vases (trio)

Faceted Vases by Christina Liu