Clint Imboden: Politics

Clint Imboden

Exhibition Dates: October 2 - November 14th

3rd Saturday Reception: October 17th, 11AM - 5PM

Meet the Artist: October 17th, 3-5PM

Virtual Tour and Talk with Design Week Sac: Monday October 2nd, 6pm

Feature Foyer Gallery

Clint Imboden is a Bay Area-based assemblage artist whose work address contemporary issue-based topics while drawing careful attention to the material used in each composition. The carefully selected and juxtaposed objects intend to challenge viewers to consider multiple references in order to understand the full meaning of his work.

Politics, a curated selection of Imboden's work, features vintage toys and board games, collected from flea market explorations, transformed by clever laser etchings. Viewers can expect a cheeky juxtaposition of cheerfully- painted childhood nostalgia and an unflinching look at bizarre statements made by Donald Trump during the course of his presidency. Walking into the Foyer feels similar to entering a toy store, where the absurdity of modern American politics is both cut in sharp relief, and yet presented without explicit narrative from the artist. The words, etched onto simple objects, stand for themselves: it is left to the viewer to interpret.

In the foreword of a book of Imboden's work, Joen Madonna, Executive Director of ArtSpan writes: "When political figures are caricatures of decency, when demagogues are propped up as clownish buffoon puppets by self-serving ideologues, when citizens are blatantly and willfully undereducated to ease in their manipulation, we need the pure bitter truth of artists to shine a light through the darkness and perspective on a distorted reality."

Guests can meet the artist on October 17th from 3-5 PM, when he will be at the gallery to answer questions about his work.

Artist's Statement:

Since the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, like many, I’ve witnessed the steady decline of morals and ideals I thought were shared by the majority of Americans. Although my work has always had socio-political leanings, the Trump era has ignited a fury within me that has fueled a new direction of work. My latest series is blatantly and unapologetically critical of America and uses childhood toys coupled with politically charged topics to highlight the dysfunctionality of our government. The following pieces form part of this new direction in my practice.

Stacking Criminals
Clint Imboden