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Helene Nakamoto Mihara, 72, and Mary Ann Yahiro, 72, photographed at Rosa Parks Elementary School the former Raphael Weill School in San Francisco.	
Mary Ann Yahiro (Yoko Itashiki) and her family followed her older sister out of the Topaz War Relocation Center and resettled in the north side of Chicago.
When the family left home in San Francisco, she said: “I just remember leaving the place with strawberries on the table, and we didn’t pack much, or you couldn’t – only what you could carry. I wasn’t able to carry much, so we left a lot of stuff. But I don’t think we owned our home, I think we rented. We really didn’t lose that much, like some people that owned a lot of things.”
On April 28, 1942, Helene’s family went to the Tanforan Assembly Center and then on to Tule Lake War Relocation Center by Oct. 6. A year later, the family was again transferred, this time to Topaz.
After the war, the family first moved to Salt Lake City and then returned to San Francisco, where Helene Nakamoto’s father rented the same property and was able to reestablish the American Fish Market. He eventually bought the property.
Her father had been arrested one night not long after Pearl Harbor.
“These men in fedora hats came to the house and hurriedly took him out of the house,” she said. “I was at the top of the staircase, watching, and I remember the flashing lights and he was gone, that’s it. And we didn’t see him for 15 months.”
Jan. 20, 2007, San Francisco, Calif. 

"Gambatte! Legacy of an Enduring Spirit:Triumphing over Adversity. Japanese American WWII Incarceration Reflections Then and Now." Project
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