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May 24 - July 27, 2019

A Closer Look

For St. Cecilia - Kevin Connaughton

Coker Family Gallery The Rock Show

From the beginning of Rock n’ Roll, visual artists have been involved in the music world. Starting with album covers to posters to tee shirts artists have been working alongside musicians to build an incredibly amazing genre.

Blue Line Arts is proud to present a national competition inspired by contemporary and rock and roll music in tribute to Russ Solomon, founder of Tower Records.

Feature Foyer Diane Ruhkala Bell


Diane Ruhkala Bell an award winning California artist. She has had numerous one-person exhibitions over the years and has won many awards in juried shows such as the California State Exposition. Her art is in collections throughout the United States and also in Finland, France and India. She is active in the arts community, curating and installing exhibitions and supporting youth art activities. She attended Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles and continued studies with outstanding teachers at Cal State Chico, Sierra College and Davis. Creating meaningful art has been her challenge and  joy. She is compelled to keep experimenting and creating new work.

Wood and Rings - Diane Ruhkala Bell
Benjamin Fargen Electric Dreams photo for online gallery-3

Westpark Gallery Ben Fargen

Benjamin Fargen's Electric Dreams exhibition showcases original photographs of legendary musicians and their gear. Featuring portraits of Buddy Guy, Jimmie Vaughan, and Davy Knowles, and images of gear once owned by Keith Richards and Matthias Jabs, this collection of photographs captures behind-the-scenes moments not many have been fortunate enough to experience.

Eli and Edythe Broad Education Gallery Michael DeChellis

I have been a huge music fan my entire life. When I graduated from high school in 1967 I visited all the clubs and arenas in the LA area listening to music. In 1968 I saw Jimi Hendrix at the Shrine and said to myself that I needed to get a camera and record all these great artists. I bought a 35mm Pentax camera and the first show I went to was Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company at San Fernando Valley College (later to be renamed Cal State Northridge). As I walked into the basketball arena, I saw the band hanging out in a classroom - no security guards back then - so I walked in and started talking to them. I was very nervous because I'd never taken a photograph before. As they were leaving to go onstage, I asked Janis if I could taker her photograph and she said, "Sure, kid." That was my first photo.

Over the next 2 years, I brought my camera to every concert I went to - there was no security so I would walk right up to the stage, sometimes even on the stage, and take all the pictures I wanted. I did this as a fan and when I became gainfully employed in the film business, I stuck all the negatives in a shoebox and put them in my closet.

When I figured out how to make digital prints in the '90s I pulled out that box and started printing. If you'd like to see more of my work go to dechellisphotography.com

led zeppelin#18-68-SAP+20 (1)
Community Collections - Paul Van de Carr

Smith and Wanish Gallery New Members

We are honored in welcoming our new members with this show highlighting their work.

Christina Allan
Catherine Schmid-Maybach
Tracy Lauth
Peter Standish-Lee
Jo Beth Wharton
Paul Van de Carr
Marti Eason
Marcus Dubray

Art At Work

Connecting Businesses with the Arts--Blue Line Arts runs the Art at Work program to create more display opportunities for local artists to show their work outside of the gallery.  Each Art at Work location is a Royal Blue Member which provides their local business with new art displays, among other benefits.  This program is designed to showcase works of art in order to support and promote emerging artists in the local and regional area, providing an enhanced aesthetic environment to the Roseville and Sacramento communities. 

Art displays rotate quarterly at each location listed below.


Roseville Chamber of Commerce Michelle Thornburg and Troy Barry

Michelle Thornburg

Artist's Statement

My style of creating artwork is painting from the subconscious. There are no carefully planned sketches, no grids, and no paint brushes. It’s just me and my paint with no expectations of anything but painting. I use my hands to apply the paint directly onto my canvas, no rules, just whatever feels right. The key for me is to let go of the conscious world around me, and just paint, allowing my hands to take the lead. Eventually, the lines, drips, and shapes reveal themselves, and a picture begins to emerge, it’s like day dreaming on a canvas.

Chamber of Commerce is located at 650 Douglas Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678



Roseville Civic Center Karen C. Fulk


Roseville Civic Center is located at 311 Vernon St, Roseville, CA 95678


8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

CLARA Victoria Hamlin

Where a person begins and end up in life is coincidental, accidental; a matter of luck more than intention.

In art at this time, there is a huge selection of possibilities to choose from. My media of choice is oil and graphite (and whatever else, often charcoal) on Arches oil paper. I use collage as well.

I am grateful for what I learned from my day jobs and all life experiences. In art and in life, accident and choice coincide to produce art and an artist.

The newest, most profound art “issue” is content. The artist informs content. Content informs art choices. Painting people who interest me is more important than solving technical challenges, but interesting people can bring interesting technical challenges.

Less is usually more. I put in the pieces that express what I’m after and leave the rest out. This means I can draw, paint, scribble, use any material, erase, make things clear or unclear, finished or not- the decision is mine alone, just because I am or am not attracted to a line or a smudge or a nose.

Joy Joy Joy!! “Life, man, is a gas.”- Lou Rawls

CLARA is located at, 2420 N St, Sacramento, CA 95816


Evergreen Christine Muratore Evans

Christine’s childhood fascination with color and pattern are visible in the structural rhythms of her paintings today. Christine vividly recalls the kitchen cabinet scallops, the stripes of a white picket fence and the diamonds of a chain link fence. Coming of age during the heyday of Op and Pop art and Christine’s first exposure to modern art bolstered her fascination.


Evergreen Home Loans is located at 2241 Suite 250 Douglas Blvd, Roseville, CA 95661

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 

8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. 


316 Vernon Street Aaron Lee



The Large works are inspired by lust for power and "Pop Consumerism.” I hope the viewer feels danger, and sensuality, so the viewer can have a relationship with the painting. Rose and blue colors represent precision, luxury, and tension to create a style of sensuality. Oil paint represents the eternal nature of artistic ideas.

The small works are inspired by the sculpture of Gian Lorenzo Bernini. I hope the viewers will think about the fragility of life and also the power of color and creativity. Art and culture help to bring joy. The style is referring to a reflection of great master craftsmanship and a focus on modern design. The acrylic represents the cool and sad emotions of our modern world stage, and represents the commercial and plastic structures of our modern time space.
All these works have hidden images and represents the illusion of depth. I hope the viewers will think about the textures of life and also the power of color and creativity. Art and culture help to bring joy and hope to a dying and corrupted planet. The style is referring to a reflection of great master craftsmanship and a focus on modern design.
I am thankful for Blue Line Arts for working with me and supporting my vision and sharing it with the world.
I am building a community to discover freedom through art and design. Together we will learn about financial freedom, we will explore freedom of mind, and we will create together to spread freedom through the vehicle of art, design, and music.

316 Vernon Street, Roseville, CA 


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