"We Were Always Here" by Davy FiveashMay 25th - July 6th / Reception June 15th

"We Were Always Here" is a tribute to the rich and diverse history of the LGBT community, a testament to the enduring presence of queerness within the tapestry of human civilization. Inspired by the chant: We're here. We're queer. Get used to it." which served as a rallying cry for political action and social change during the AIDS crisis, this body of work seeks to expound upon that sentiment and remind us that queer communities have been a part of human culture since the beginning of time.

Throughout history, LGBT individuals have existed, loved, and contributed to society in myriad ways, yet their stories have often been marginalized or erased. "We Were Always Here" aims to shed light on the inherent queerness in humanity, both real and mythologized, highlighting the contributions of queer artists who have shaped culture and society over the centuries.

The origin of wine is a homosexual love story. Ampelos, or “vine” in Greek, is the story of a young satyr, and lover of Dionysus who, after death, was turned into a grapevine and whose blood was turned into wine. Cyprus trees, that today neatly line cemeteries, are ancient symbols of grief because of a queer love story about a young prince, and his magical stag- a gift from his adoring lover, Apollo. The greatest warrior of ancient times, Achilles was motivated only by the murder of his beloved Patroclus to once again, lead the siege on the city of Troy. Just as Adam and Eve symbolize a fictional ideal of heteronormative love, these queer myths empower the cultural identify of LGBT people today. Each piece in this series serves as a reminder that queerness is not new, but rather an ever-present piece of the human experience.

"We Were Always Here" invites viewers to reflect on the resilience and diversity of the LGBT community. In a world where acceptance and understanding are still works in progress, this exhibition serves as a reminder of our shared humanity and the importance of honoring the voices and experiences of all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.

-Davy Fiveash



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