Judy Knott – Betwixt & Between

Orange is the New Blackbird - Judy Knott

Orange is the New Black Bird by Judy Knott

Exhibition Dates: November 15 - December 28, 2019

Opening Reception: November 16, 4-8pm

Closing Reception: December 21, 4-8pm

During The US Show, you can catch Judy Knott's Betwixt & Between exhibition in the the Feature Foyer. 

A mixed-media artist who resides in Galt, California, Knott has since been involved with Sacramento Fine Arts Center where she received her Master Painter designation, Lodi Community Art Center, and Elk Grove Artists where she was President for two years. 

After a full career in technical documentation and software, which included training medical staff in computer software, Judy was ready to unleash her creativity.  Knott says, “Although I loved my job, I didn’t realize how starved the right side of my brain was until I took a year off to care for my mother who was experiencing dementia.  I started making jewelry to fill the void and my brain was having a hard time focusing.  I kept bouncing from design to design and from one project to the next.”  She described it as feeling like her brain was exploding. 

Artists that have inspired her are Richard Diebenkorn, Gerhard Richter, Edouard Manet and Edward Hopper.

One of the things Knott takes pride in is that she became a Laughter Yoga Leader around the same time that she began taking art lessons, heading into retirement. With a smile she says “I needed both of those positives in my life because of the stress involved in the daily work environment.  I think we need to laugh now more than ever.”

Painted Desert - Judy Knott

Painted Desert by Judy Knott

From Judy Knott's Artist Statement:

As I veer from representational art into this intriguing world of abstract art, I find myself exploring and discovering.  I’m enjoying the act of creating something that isn’t just a pretty picture but tells a story by juxtaposing abstraction with reality.  Thus flora, fauna or figures may emerge subtly or obviously from seemingly random brush strokes. I like word play as well so you might notice a pun or two either within the art or within the artwork’s name.  This play on words blends with my objective of eliciting a smile from the viewer. So when asked “How do you know the painting is done?”—It’s when my own painting has made me smile.

My mixed media abstracts start with the name.  I gather pictures from magazines or newspapers, old maps and pieces of watercolors that are better ripped apart than whole. Sometimes I use fiber for pattern or for texture.  I might draw something over or under the papers creating messages you might never see.  Then I begin painting the colors on and around the pasted images allowing some to peak through and covering others up entirely. It’s a process of building and taking away until I’m satisfied.  Finally I add a dash or sometimes a hefty scoop of reality.  Isn’t that what we all go through as we grow?  We learn and build on our knowledge.  We discard what we don’t wish to keep and occasionally face reality along the way.  

I haven't left representational art behind entirely so you will find both genres within my website.  It's just that sometimes you need to take the road less traveled and then when it's right, come back to that comfortable space.

My art is an evolving, living thing as I change and explore. So I invite you to look through my portfolios and enjoy the art for what it is—a little piece of my soul.