LeeAnn Brook: Realm


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Artist's Statement

My show “Realm” speaks to my personal journey through the natural world and how it affects the evolution of my art. Growing up in the countryside of Connecticut with grass between my toes and ocean mist on my skin, the landscape was always part of my being. At an early age I was captivated by the colors, textures and movement of nature, and always felt compelled to bring it into my art. The essence of my world was always in nature and my need to create was strong I feel, because of this.

I am most comfortable with a large brush, a large canvas and the solitude of my studio. My strokes are an extension of my body, almost like a dance at times, and movement on the canvas is essential. My desire to share this intimate love for the land comes in color shifts and fluid lines that break boundaries, expressing the unbridled feeling that the environment gives me. I want to create the feeling of a landscape in my paintings, by paying homage to realism, yet with the unlimited expression of abstraction.

As nature is in a constant state of change, my paintings follow this lead as they evolve right on the canvas. Not working from photographs, my creative decisions are entirely intuitive, working from memories of being in the landscape. My choices on light and color are most evocative when I recall standing in the midst of a favorite spot in nature. Through “process painting,” one step influences the next, and instead of controlling the outcome, I am constantly surprised by it. Just as nature intended.

About the Artist

LeeAnn Brook graduated from Paier College of Art near New Haven, Connecticut in 1973 with a double major in fine art and graphic design. At age 23, she was accepted into the Connecticut Society of Women Painters, and after moving to California in 1975, she went on to exhibit her work in shows and galleries throughout the United States.

She also operated her own graphic design firm for over 40 years. She is a five-time award winner in the California State Fair and a five-time winner in the nationally recognized Wild & Scenic Film Festival‘s juried art competition, including the Juror’s Award in 2022 and Best Of 2D in 2018. She has also won five national awards for her book “Points of Inspiration: An Artist’s Journey with Painting and Photography." Her paintings are in permanent collections at several healthcare facilities in southern California, along with Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health in Sacramento, CA and at UC Davis Medical Center in Roseville.

She ran a successful gallery in downtown Nevada City, California for 5 years, representing over 20 other artists. She presently operates LeeAnn Brook Fine Art from her private studio in Nevada City, California.