Membership Medley 2021

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Karen Uhlman-Tree of Kn

First Look Friday
Member's Only Hours

Friday, July 16th, 3-5pm.

3rd Saturday Opening Reception:
Saturday, July 17th
Artist Lecture: 4-5PM Reception: 5-8pm

3rd Saturday Closing Reception:
Saturday, August 21st, 5-8pm
Artist Lecture: 4-5PM Reception: 5-8pm

From the Jurors

Each year, our team looks forward to Membership Medley as a time of gathering, where the gallery is filled with art that shows the vibrancy and range of our Artist Member community. Past the official reopening in California, we are excited for it to once again be filled with people, too! The show includes works from members who have been supporting and volunteering for 15 years or longer, alongside new artists who have just discovered our exhibitions and programs in the last year. It fulfills something at the core of Blue Line Arts’ mission: bringing together the work of established artists while still being a welcoming and uplifting gallery for emerging artists. Our members are at the heart of all we do at Blue Line Arts – and this year we are excited to offer an update to our benefits to include even more ways for members to get involved at the organization.

This year, we’d like to give an Honorable Mention to Sue Bradford, who you may recognize as one of the Crocker-Kingsley Award winners from earlier this year. Bradford’s piece Up in my Dress speaks to the current political moment in a way that manages to feel timeless despite its photographic representation of an immediately recognizable moment in recent history. The relevance of the piece could not be more timely, as this May marked a revival of the contentious debate over women’s rights to abortion when the Supreme Court agreed to take up a Mississippi case that essentially revisits Roe V. Wade. It also reminds us of the power of art to spark important conversations, to address difficult issues with a visual immediacy and room for consideration that is unlike our most common daily methods of media consumption.

But many of the pieces throughout the show do not delve into the difficult; they use imagery that is recognizable and, frankly, quite ordinary in a way that blessedly allows us to see the mundane in a novel way. You cannot help but admire the sheer amount of personality Kathryn Wronski has brought forth from a band of chickens in Five Chicks, or Linda Galusha’s inventive contrasts of texture that bring a subtle otherworldly magic to her landscape compositions.

There is truly something for everyone in this exhibition.

To all of our members: Thank you for your support this year. And if you are not a member yet, we encourage you to check out the work we do in the community, ask us about what opportunities we offer to members, or better yet, come out to an Artist 2 Artist Meetup to get to know the awesome community of members that awaits you.


Brooke Abrames & MaryTess Mayall
Blue Line Arts

Sue Bradford-Up In My D

Sue Bradford - Up in My Dress

Kathryn Wronski-Five Chick

Kathryn Wronski - Five Chicks


Linda Galusha - Kore