Membership Medley 2022

Membership Medley 2022 Catalog Cover (17.565 × 11.25 in) (1200 × 400 px)

From the Jurors

Membership Medley has become a time-honored tradition at the gallery, an opportunity open to everyone in our Artist Member community. The spirit of Medley fulfills something at the core of Blue Line Arts’ mission: bringing together work from established voices while still being a welcoming space for emerging artists to make their debuts. Our members are at the heart of all we do at Blue Line Arts – and this year we are excited to offer this catalog as a special gift of our gratitude to each of them!

We have some intriguing submissions to the show this year, such as those from father and son artists Daniel Moore and Kevin Wiseman, who arranged to separately create artworks inspired by Frank Zappa’s orchestral piece Waka/Jawaka with the intention that each be revealed to the other at the show’s opening. These unique, interpretive pieces will be exhibited together alongside a QR code that visitors can scan to hear the music that served as their source material.

Other Artist Members find their inspiration in the classics. Long-time member Alexandra Yakovleva offers a delightfully modern reinterpretation of Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring in her casually-titled Pearl Girl, while Jacinto Rivera utilizes imagery from Edvard Munch’s iconic The Scream to evoke vibrant, visceral panic in his piece House on Fire 2016. Others still invoke the Old Masters in still lifes that remain true to tradition, as in Allison Armstrong’s Mandarin Time or Terry Lee Abel’s Garlic on an Antique Silver Server.

Animals are always a popular subject matter, and this year’s Membership Medley certainly delivers with novel reimaginings of our furry and feathered friends. Claude Duplat’s Flamingostar, Cathryn Rakich's Rainbow Rabbit, Paula Bellacera's Amaretto, and Carolyn Markis's Am I the Last One? are all brimming with delightfully quirky personality.

There is truly something for everyone in this exhibition.

To all of our members: Thank you for your support this year. And if you are not a member yet, we encourage you to check out the work we do in the community, ask us about what opportunities we offer to members, or better yet, come out to an Artist 2 Artist Meetup to get to know the awesome community of members that awaits you.

Brooke Abrames & MaryTess Mayall
Co-Directors, Blue Line Arts


Tower Bridge Sacramento by Barbara Davies

The Pearl Girl

The Pearl Girl by Alexandra Yakovleva