Nicholson van Altena: Roots and Rebels

From the roots of Nicholson Blown Glass, Nicholson van Altena Glass rises up to the challenge of exploring and creating new art glass while paying homage to the first generation’s color work and design.
After discovering the glassblowing process at USC, Rick and Janet Nicholson of Nicholson Blown Glass established their own hand-built, hot glass studio in North Auburn in 1982. Heavily influenced by the natural environment that surrounded them, they created their Wave Bowls and Landscape Platters. These signature pieces allowed them to explore rich color palettes embodying the natural landscapes of California.
Both archival and contemporary, these signature works are timeless and expressive, and continue to offer a pathway for the second generation to explore.
Trained in the unique color application techniques developed by Rick and Janet, Nicholson van Altena Glass looks to break the visual and tactile boundaries of what glass is and what it can be.