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First Look Friday
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Friday, May 21st, 3-5pm.

Artist Lecture
Saturday, June 19th, 4-5pm

3rd Saturday Reception:
Saturday, June 19th, 6-8pm

About Off Center

Featuring 80 works by artists from 21 states, Off Center is a testament to the strength and resilience of art-making during uncertain times. Despite the diversity within their practices, many of the exhibiting artists demonstrate a concern with the histories as well as the future of ceramics. This exhibition seeks to address the ways in which ceramics can draw attention to issues relevant to today’s world.

Artists such as Marianne McGrath and Ianna Frisby use found objects in their work, juxtaposing disparate elements to create intriguing new configurations. Combining ceramics with industrial remnants, McGrath’s installation Overgrown invites viewers to contemplate our changing surroundings and the often contentious relationship between nature and industry. McGrath is also an Assistant Professor and Director of Napa Galleries at CSU Channel Islands.

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On Truth and the Spaces Between, Mike Stumbras

Missouri-based Mike Stumbras looks back to the history of vessels, especially slipware and salt-glazed vessels from 18th and 19th century Europe and America. Stumbras’ On Truth and the Spaces Between, a collection of unglazed porcelain vessels, is an ode to the rich traditions that have inspired them. Others explore existential and psychological themes including interconnectedness, vulnerability, and the complex range of human emotions. Dripping glazes, torn and collapsed edges, dips and dents are indicative of the imperfect world we inhabit, but remind us that through those cracks we can still find beauty.

About the Juror

Pieces were selected for acceptance to Off-Center by Blue Line Arts Co-Directors Brooke Abrames and MaryTess Mayall.

This year’s prize winners were selected by Magdolene Dykstra, a first-generation Egyptian-Canadian artist and educator. Informed by microbiology and art theory, her practice explores the relationship of the individual to the planet. She is the founder of SWAG, a group dedicated to supporting womxn artists in the Niagara region.

“Each of these artists offer poignant reflections on the nature of this moment in human existence: from our shifting relationship to the environments we shape, to our relationship with history, to our hesitant movement into the ensuing stage of 21st century life. As we desperately hope for the next phase of our intersecting journeys, these artists remind us of important considerations in navigating an uncertain future,” writes Dykstra.

Juried winners will be announced on Saturday June 19th, during the Opening Reception from 4-8pm.

The public is invited to place their vote for the People’s Choice Award while visiting the gallery. The award will be announced at the close of the exhibition.

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Magdolene Dykstra


This group show offered an opportunity for artists to address themes related to the fragility of our natural environment. Selected artists include: Kevin Wiseman, Vicki Gunter, Adrienne Belair, Brandin Barón, Kathy Sinclair, Lorrie Fink, Niloufar Farzam, Zachary Myers, Jennifer Rugge, and Alan Fishleder.

While the selected artists brought a range of styles, mediums, and approaches to the themes of environmental impact, several of the artists engaged with natural mediums in unique ways to strengthen the impact of their works. Wiseman's Carbon Death is accentuated by a custom frame that is built from silicone molds of ancient tree fossils, trees which are depicted in the work as the 'fossil fuels' they have since deteriorated to.

Likewise, Zachary Myers' A Skate Shoe Anchor casts modern disposable fashion in bronze, a reminder of the long lives of consumer items and modern materials past their usefulness to us, the inevitable and creeping growth of landfills on a planet with a limited capacity for civilization's detritus.


Carbon Death, Kevin Wiseman

North Auburn Art Studios Tour

Held each Mother's Day weekend, the North Auburn Art Studios Tour group features 20 local artists who open up their studios to the public each year. Did you miss out on the tour? Come by the WestPark Workshop gallery to see new works from these local favorites!


Prism Light, Marianne DeMartini

New Members Gallery

This month, we're welcoming the following new members to Blue Line Arts:

David King
John Angell
Linda Galusha
Livia Kerr
Pamela Findleton
Sally Ruddy
Sonja Hamilton
Taylor Roberts
Wayne Waggoner


Somewere Outside Detroit - 1975, John Angell