0 the Fool, Nancy Spungen – Blair Inez



White ink on black paper


Artist Statement:

My works intersect with dark erotica and labor liberation while in fantasy environments. Intentionally designed to immerse oneself in a new vision of color, line, and depth met with a pastiche of techniques as an interdisciplinary artist with a strong statement. I want people to connect with my works as if seeping into the intensity of monochrome or analogous color schemes whether it’s an installation or two dimensions. My new focus on binary color schemes and line quality that soars across a paper has cultivated a reductionist approach to illustrate my fantasies. Although simplifying seems like a step backwards, I want to be overwhelmed with patternistic effortlessness, involving repetition while honoring my roots as a figure painter. I’m inspired by classic bondage art, abstract expressive line work, tattoo flash Illustrations, comic book heroines, alternative graphic clothing, punk zines, and traditional block printing or etching.

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Dimensions5 × 7 in

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