12inch Grain Jar Purple – Dennis Gerwin


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Wood Fired Stoneware

12 Inches x 12 Inches x 12 Inches

Earthen granaries in Cameroon, Chad, and Indonesia inform the “Grain Jars”. Other architectural elements reference water towers in western countries. The horizon line trimmed into the bottom half references difficult landscapes that people have farmed for centuries. Glazes are applied with the intention of washing over the linear elements during the firing, obscuring them in a way that only time can do. My kiln is fired with wood for several days to build varied layers of glass, and then it’s cooled slowly to grow crystals in that glass: surface elements that require time to mimic the geological processes of metamorphism.
Their scale relates to a human abdomen, and I’m not satisfied with until the forms are as full as possible. My pots are made to be useful, but I also think of them as personified. They are handled rather roughly to leave marks from the process that are exaggerated when stretched for maximum volume. As with people, I find beauty in their stories and imperfections.

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