A New Direction – Dawn Raines


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Brass, Steel and Wrought Iron 12 Inches x 10 Inches x 12 Inches

There is an inherent intimacy involved in forging and shaping steel. A romance between the molten iron and the hammer that coerces it into shape. I take delight in the dance of persuading this dense, unyielding, material into a new life. The pieces I create become a representation of my own journey to coerce myself into new definitions of identity.
My current work examines how I have evolved as a woman, the day in age that we all are facing that has forced us to find means to redirect our lives to new goals, as well as honoring the past self that has been shed through time. I believe the weight of the metal, the texture, and the transitioning of a piece into a form unrecognizable from the raw bar stock from which it began avail the narratives in each piece.

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