Abstract Telecaster – Joe Strickland


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A couple of musicians walked into my studio, looked at some of my work and asked if I would do something expressive on a guitar. A week later they dropped off a disassembled Fender Telecaster and said, “Do what you will with this”. I proceeded to cover the top with a piece of my art and then poured resin over it. It was good for the exception that the spaces for the electric components were now filled with resin. The guitar sat in the studio for 6 months as I walked around it, stepped over it ignoring the fact that it needed to be finished and back in the hands of the musicians. I kept making up excuses as to its slow progression for I lost interest in drilling, carving and sanding rock hard resin.
Then a call to artists for a rock show caught my attention.

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Dimensions40 × 3 × 12 in

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