Admonition – Oxana Geets


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Ceramics 7 Inches x 14 Inches x 7 Inches

My work with clay is based on improvisation. I have a strict time limit – no more than two hours for building one work. Keeping in mind only the most general aspiration to manifest the form of a natural vessel – a cocoon, an egg or a seed, I get to work and do it as quickly as possible. In the same way, I apply the glaze – smearing a thick mass on a rough surface with my fingers.
The abstract vessel was hand built from two types of stoneware bodies and is covered with a matte glaze. This series of works illustrates my reflections on the nature of irreversibility and transitional states: the state of an egg or cocoon is inevitable and conceals the possibility of a premature ending in the form of an empty dead shell.

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