AGVC2v2 – Jeremy Waak


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stainless steel, brass 12 Inches x 24 Inches x 12 Inches

Post-industrial Fetish

Artist’s Statement

All humans desire happiness. To help achieve this, every culture has created objects to bring about things they want and defend against those they don’t. Fetishes are the physical manifestations of potent spirits used for magic, prayer, wishes, guidance or curses. A fetish can also be a fixation, a distraction or a delusion.

The forms of these fetishes are an amalgam of nature and machine; organic life and the mechanisms we dream up. This relationship comes out of my interest in and fascination with the physical sciences and the tools, instruments and mechanisms we develop from those studies.

The fetishes in this series are for us now. They relate to our current cultural mindset, our image of who we were and who we are becoming. Some may find comfort and confidence in them and some may find fear and criticism. They are not answers nor solutions, but mirrors and questions.

Jeremy Waak

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