Angels and Cobras in 4/4 – Steve Holsapple


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“Angels and Cobras in 4/4” – Steve Holsapple

I started collecting rock n’ roll records in the mid-fifties… Little Richard, Fats Domino, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Elvis (I still have some Elvis and Fats drawings I did during those years). By the mid-sixties I was playing drums in a rock n’ roll band and beginning my artistic career. Over the years I played in many bands, writing and producing lots of music while I pursued my Master’s Degree in art and filmmaking. I worked as a staff songwriter for CBS and co-penned tunes for rock legends Bonnie Raitt and Dave Mason. For seven decades I’ve continued riding the same creative train, whether it be making art, music or PBS documentaries. These days the train appears to be moving slower, or faster…depending on your point of view.

When rock n’ roll emerged in the 1950’s, it was denounced by religious zealots as “the devil’s music”. Although this mixed media sculptural assemblage features a winged angelic mandala on the face of the guitar, a devil-may-care rock n’ roll celebration is brewing just below the surface.

As a lifelong musician, filmmaker and artist, it’s an absolute honor to be part of a show that is dedicated to the legendary Russ Solomon. It was my privilege to know Russ and witness firsthand, the decades of generous support he provided to the artists and creators of our community.

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