Baer: Iceland – Lauren McAdams Selden


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bronze, steel, paint 9 Inches x 12 Inches x 8 Inches

In my recent series of work, I have been researching plants and animals that can hide, hibernate, or go dormant. I am interested in utilizing this as a metaphor to discuss how it would be nice to hide from the current social, environmental, and political events. The permanence and strength of metal often contrasts with the whimsical nature of the forms. I

Jewelry has a powerful method to communicate between the viewer and the wearer. Recent wall sculptures with removable brooches are influenced by a mash-up of global cultural ceremonies directed towards the importance of home and how we enter and exit this sacred space. During the beginning of the pandemic, my daughter was
often in the studio with me while I was doing my work. Noticing the freedom and creativity in my kindergartener’s drawings has helped me depart from my rigid minimal designs and allow more child-like whimsy. I expect that the two aesthetics will continue to merge.

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