Blue Forest – Pam Douglas



Acrylic on plexiglass over silk panel, painted in water media


Artist Statement:

“I am a mixed media painter and have been in exhibitions including the California African American Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the L.A. Art Show, and the USC Fisher Museum, and many gallery shows. Awards include Mozaik Philanthropy, Vibrant Cities, and Repaint History.

Focusing on portraits of refugees, my multi-year “Sanctuary” project incorporates drawing, painting, sculpture, and assemblage honoring people forced to flee violence and climate change. It is motivated partly by my family’s stories of survival.

In 2022 I expanded to a graphic novel, “Bearing Witness,” that tells the fictional stories of four refugee families through artwork. Now I am creating paintings inspired by those characters. None use photos or models; all have developed from my years of craft and observation. Some of the selections submitted here are acrylic on Aquarelle, and I am also painting on plexiglass that is laid over painted silk abstracts that add a sense of dimension.”

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Dimensions11 × 3 × 31 in

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