Bottles with Steel Collar (priced each) – Adam Goldberg


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blown glass bottles with oxidized steel 24 Inches x 16 Inches x 12 Inches

As contemporary artists with roots in the studio glass movement, we at Gathered Glassblowing Studio are passionate about elevating glass as an artform. We build from from our foundations in craft in innovative ways, to continue the values, techniques, and philosophies that have been formative to us. All of our designs are permeated with our love for the natural world. The medium of glass offers rich possibilities in expressing the range of the colors, opacities, and textures of Earth. We explore the inherent characteristics of the material, with traditional and divergent techniques, to achieve harmony between the fluidity, transparency, and color of the material. Simultaneously, we are inspired by the forms and philosophies of modern and classical architecture. By combining organic elements with man-made structures and forms, environmental stewardship joins with aesthetic desires and human functionality, to create spaces where an ethos of sustainability is incorporated into daily life.

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