Chicken Little – Laura Corallo-Titus



Oil on linen


Artist Statement:

“These paintings address changing perceptions towards the environment and our place in the world.

Initially I was struck by the sense of permanence, vastness and grandeur of traditional landscape painting. In contrast our contemporary vision is usually momentary; (a view from a car, plane, train or film), fragmentary and distracted. Traditional depictions of the land and sea display a sense of power, stability and strength… a place to be conquered or conquer. Our dialogue around the environment now is of fragility and impermanence, destruction and loss. Our views of the passing world are frequently distorted from the glare of a window, a flash of artificial light, the editing of a photograph, political divisiveness.

It is in this procession that nature becomes metaphor for mind. The painting begins to reflect less of a physical place than as nature as a conduit to an increasingly disordered and disorienting world view. My intent is to mirror the discord in these realities.”

Additional information

Dimensions25 × 4 × 23 in

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