Cracks in My Armor II – Molly Sandweiss


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My work explores the restrictions I place on myself as an autistic person when presenting myself
to the world. I consider suppressing my autistic and ADHD traits as a sort of armor I wear for
protection; it is also limiting. I am creating literal armor for my body and combining it with
sewing notions such as pins, thread, thimbles, and of course, buttons. The armor is an allusion to
masking, while sewing notions represent the vulnerable, less desirable sides of myself leaking
out, harkening back to the time in my grandma’s sewing room, where there was no suppression
or ridicule of my strangeness, only joy. It is important to me that these pieces be worn by my
body in particular because though created in response to an unaccepting society, these are still
constraints that I have created and placed upon myself. This work represents my journey to
feeling safe taking off my armor without being ashamed of the traits that lie beneath.

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