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Davy Knowles
I had the good fortune of catching up with Davy Knowles at the “Ragin Cajun” Blues festival in Hermosa Beach, CA last month. Davy was kind enough to let me photograph his 1966 Fender Telecaster back stage & also photograph his on stage live performance. We got acquainted at dinner after the show and I found him to be an extremely intelligent and passionate musician. These images will always have a special place in my mind based upon the answer Davy gave about his connection to his 1966 Telecaster. “It was a bit of an emotional reaction to losing my Dad really. I remember asking him about guitars shortly after I started playing. He wasn’t really an expert at all, and told me that the best ones were the Stratocaster and the Telecaster, and the Telecasters were very rare and expensive and the best of them all. We both quickly found out that Fender were still pumping out a million of them a day! But that stuck with me really. After he died, I saw this one for sale near me in Chicago and my wife persuaded me to go and try it. I fell in love with it immediately. It’s kind of my ‘Look dad– I finally got that rare guitar you told me about when I was little’ moment. A bit of his memory to take with me on the road so to speak. It’s been well-loved and modded over the years, and I’ve had it re-fretted, changed the bridge pickup, and I tend to go through volume and tone pots a lot, so those have been changed out a few times. But it’s mine and it goes everywhere with me.”

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