(DIS)APPEAR – Bryan Valenzuela



Ink, Acrylic on wood panel

Artist Statement:

We use language as an instrument to describe the world around us; to help convey an understanding of that world and formulate a bond through its expression. It helps us communicate our perceptions, our thoughts, our dreams. Yet however much we have defined the exterior and interior landscapes of our reality with its nuances, it has also helped define us, shaping us in a reciprocal relationship. Experiences become deeper with stories told about it. Emotions become richer in collaboration with narratives that expand them and allow them to bloom. Memories take on new life the more we weave a web of words around them. I take this relationship as the foundation of all my work, using a handwritten text drawing technique to carve shape, shadow, and light from ideas, moments, and metaphor. The works presented here make a visual chronicle of the last two years in this manner. Both the gold mended plates and mixed media drawings encapsulate a mood of metamorphosis, of histories hidden in detail.

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Dimensions48 × 2 × 72 in

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