Eliza Au – Slot Box


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8″ x 8″ x 8″

“My work investigates how past and present ornament in architecture engages in the idea of sacred space. Ornament and abstraction have a close relationship; ornament acting as visual stimuli and also as a vehicle for social norms and ideals. Historically, architectural ornament within the Islamic mosque drew a connection between infinite repetition and ideas of divinity; in contemporary architecture such as in the work of Mark Foster Gage and Evan Douglis, the fluid line, complexity and ornamentation have re-emerged without explicit religious ideas, but utopic ideals about society.

A meditative rhythm is seen through the repetition of the arabesque in the pattern design and the repetition of the two-dimensional planes. A sense of lightness and effortlessness is created by the regularity of the perforated planes; the objects created seem to be divorced from mass and form as negative space defines the work as much as positive space.”




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