Era (she/her) – Nina Katz



Oil on wood panel


Artist Statement:

“It’s hard for me to look at a person without noticing every shape, shadow and color that makes their face their face. I notice the creases, expressions, body language, the way they hold themselves. I notice how the light accentuates or hides these shapes. I have often been accused of staring.
My work explores the tension between outer affect and inner essence of who people are and what their connection is to me. My paintings often reflect the many aspects of my life that are important to me and around me.
How I choose to use the paint – loose, painterly or more precise in technique is determined by subject and moment. I often seek to subvert the technical to let the interesting emerge with paint as its vehicle, creating moments of abstraction and invoking a narrative and mystery in the composition. Other times, it warrants a more controlled application. Consequently, my painting style varies, but capturing the person, and the feeling of the moment, are paramount.”

Additional information

Dimensions45 × 1.5 × 65 in

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