Evolving Evidence – Charles Stewart



Cone 5 sculptural ceramic clay

Artist Statement:

The human body and all other life forms have incredible beauty. Life in the time of covid has demonstrated how the smallest of simple things can exert immense, relentless power, even destruction, over the more sophisticated lives of humans. I have witnessed my wife’s family and friends decimated by cancer. The beauty of the human body rendered to physical wreckage.
I want to incorporate the forms/shapes of humans, animals, cellular life, and inanimate objects into my sculptures. Covid and cancer have propelled me into creating shapes that are in the process of being changed: one thing becoming a different yet related thing; invoking interest, beauty, and even the sinister. I like to use clay for its malleability. It can be shaped into almost any form, given any textural surface, any color. It can stand tall, slump and collapse, stretch. Water can dissolve and wash it away but fire will strengthen and harden it. It is tough and durable but will break. Its qualities a metaphor for life.

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Dimensions47 × 18 × 21.5 in

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