Fall Down Seven Stand Up Eight – Terri Grant


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Glass and gold foil

37.5 Inches x 11.5 Inches x 1.5 Inches

A Doctor of Medicine, Terri Grant was an emergency room physician for 28 years before retiring in 2019 to focus on her creative practice full-time. Heavily influenced by her medical background and sensitivity to body language and non-verbal clues, but drawing upon her lived experience as a woman and a mother, her work in glass
explores states of transition. She creates her own palette of hand-drawn glass threads in order to make highly textured and evocative imagery that references the human condition. Why make sculpture out of glass? Glass, like the human body, is both fragile and strong. Like the body, glass is malleable under certain conditions. The process of creating the her works is similar to the process that the body goes through when attempting to heal and in this way, both the material and process resonates with Grant.

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