Familia (Family) – Cheryl L. Guerrero


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Statement from Cheryl L. Guerrero:

Throughout the Bay Area, lowrider cruises are an expression of pride, aesthetics and Chicano culture. In many ways, cruises are not just about the car, but also about family and community. Although not all lowriders are Chicano, the vibrant style and cultural expression are strongly linked to the Latino – and particularly the Chicano – community.

This is especially relevant in the Mission District of San Francisco, where gentrification has contributed to the erosion of the historically Latino neighborhood and the displacement of the community. The numbers speak to the loss — a 2015 study noted that the neighborhood saw the exit of approximately 8000 Latino residents in the previous ten years. The same study expected that at the current loss rate, by 2025 the Latino population would be half of what it was in 2000.

My work revolves around people, community, and culture. Photographing lowriders in the Mission District is part of that love of documenting culture and community. For me, it’s really important to document the aesthetics and pride, especially in this setting where they have begun to disappear.

  • Cheryl L. Guerrero also received Honorable mention at the award ceremony 


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