For St. Cecilia, Patron Saint of Musicians – Kevin Connaughton


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The themes of religion, addiction, and salvation are explored through visual narratives that tell the historical experiences of my subjects. In each work I am exploring the relationship between addiction to salvation, the context of the subject’s experiences, and the role of personal spirituality. I convey these themes through the use of a visual narrative centered around a single figure. My work is a collection of portraits, with a significant visual narrative to communicate the subject’s story of transition. The portraits are of real people and/or based on real people. In my images, the underlying concepts of my artwork are two-fold. First, the work is an exploration of the multiple aspects, personalities, and influences on my life. Second, my art is an examination of the influences on addiction to recovery and the role that spirituality plays in this process.
This body of work is composed of mixed media images.

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Dimensions31 × 2 × 18 in

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