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Band of friends (A tribute to Rory Gallagher)
The Band of Friends was touring the U.S. in April with Davy Knowles playing guitar and on vocals. Knowles had made no secret of his admiration of Gallagher’s music, and frequently plays Gallagher’s “As the Crow Flies” and “Million Miles Away” in his own live shows. “The idea of Band of Friends is to highlight a musician who was incredibly under-rated and to have the opportunity to play with another pair of great musicians. It’s about celebrating Rory and his music, and for me personally, the influence he had on me, and to play music with other great musicians.”
Since Davy & I had become fast friends only a month earlier, he invited me out to enjoy the show and take some shots here at the beautiful new B Street Theater location in Sacramento, CA. We met Davy & two original band members before the show backstage. Davy is also an avid vinyl record collector like myself, so I had to capture a shot of him relaxing to some hot wax on the turntable. Gerry Mcavoy (Bass) was such a great character and graciously let me take some candid shots of him & his 1963 Fender Precision Bass. Ironically he actually purchased this Bass used while on tour bumming around Haight Street/San Francisco in 1967.

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