Gold Vessel – Karen Sanford


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Ceramic 11.5 Inches x 8 Inches x 2.5 Inches

As I explored my artistic interests, clay became my favorite medium. Clay has a beautiful tactile quality that is resilient and forgiving, offering me a myriad of possibilities both creatively and technically.
I am interested in exploring my spirituality and my creativity through my slab-built clay forms.
Whether the work is sculptural of functional moving into the realm of sculpture, I enjoy exploring the contrasts in life; love vs. fear, will vs. victimhood, soft vs. hard, textured vs. smooth, organic vs. geometric or light vs. dark. I see my work as a reflection of my self exploration.
I work with slabs to create clean, crisp forms, frequently juxtaposing curves with edges. Color and texture are used to add interest/or accentuate aspects of the work. I am interested in nature and architecture, thus the form of my pieces frequently reflects architectural structures and, colors and textures are directly inspired by nature.

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