Grace Nickel – Tangerine Plume


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Inkjet Print on Metallic Paper

19 x 19 in

“The printed Plume series evolved out of a process whereby I first created oddly-shaped growths using clay and finished them with terra sigillata and rare earth oxides, then inserted them into volcano-shaped clay bases. Along the way, working with collaborator Michael Zajac, the plume forms were 3D scanned using a photogrammetric process with the intention of eventually 3D printing them in bronze. One of the intermediate steps on this path resulted in imagery bearing a skeletal and X-Ray-like appearance, which captured an airborne permutation of the plumes that float as a ghostly foil for the earthbound sculptural forms from which they originally erupted. Remaining open to reiterative exploration leads to unanticipated results that help drive my practice ever-forward.”

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