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Patrick Shields is a Los Angeles based artist that has been painting for many years in the Entertainment Industry. Having to meet stringent deadlines and interpret sometimes nebulous explanations of a clients requests has been the backbone of his training. His personal art reflects a desire to be free of constraints and the notion of FREEDOM is a recurring theme
in his work. He primarily paints in oils on canvas or boards and does whatever he feels like without regard for protocol or style. His work reflects an admiration for artists that defy convention while still paying homage to the craft of painting. Many curiosities inhabit his mind and are finding their way onto canvasses all the time. Some creep out stealthily while others scream their way into existence. Some have deceived him, showing their face as one thing and then manifesting their true natures over time. The thrill of discovering these entities is a constant joy. The future is wide open.

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Dimensions48 × 0.5 × 60 in

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