Her Rock and Heart Fusion – Michelle Ware


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As a rock music fan and a hobby drummer I was really drawn to this show. I wanted to create art pieces that reflected not only my painting style, but the joy and energy I feel whenever I listen to or play my favorite rock n roll music. Rock music and art alike are such raw, personal, and striking expressions of soul, energy, and individual experience. This is a peek into my rock n roll spirit and, similar to my favorite music, there many layers. I primarily used acrylic paint, but also incorporated shapes cut from prints I handmade especially for this project. There are many details and patterns throughout my work especially as each layer builds upon, reveals, and highlights the next. Much like the rhythmic intensity of a drum beat, my paintings are a colorful and explosive experience. Thank you for considering my work for this show.

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Dimensions36 × 1.25 × 36 in

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