Hourglass Chaos Lamp – Ashoke Chhabra


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Baltic Birch Plywood, Glass

11 Inches x 25 Inches x 11 Inches

For me the creative process is non-linear. It is marked by a series of outright failures, happy accidents, and modest victories. Occasionally the endless plodding is punctuated by the spark of an idea, one that’s by its very nature, alters the course of all future efforts. The work with which I am presently engaged is the result of one
such shift, the likes of which has emboldened me with a fresh enthusiasm to the point of reinvention.
     I refer to this new line of work as the “Chaos Series,” so named for the disjointed impression one gets upon initially viewing. There is however order at play, a pattern that rights itself before repeating yet again. Each object is built up from a module of the same design. Only the scale is allowed to vary. These then are stacked up, twisted, or reversed in many cases, depending on the shape I am after. Despite or because of such limitations I find that I am able to construct any number of compelling forms.

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