Hye Rin Woo – GEAR_Ceramic #010


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Korean Bun-Chung Ware; Stoneware with Colored Slips

31.5″ x 16″ x 3″

 “I came to understand that, though most believe that each individual has their own universe, that those spaces were not finite, but unlimited and pluralistic. And the deepest revelation of all: that I was, in a sense, a collection of various human experiences, of the past and present moment.

Art is that which allows me to realize these things. It is a medium through which I can connect with artists of different eras and learn about the people who have existed alongside them or even with those who are to exist in the future. It mediates the infinite human imagination and serves as sustenance for the human soul. This is the reason I have chosen the path of art for my life, among many paths in life, such as technology or other humanities. As an artist, I do not strive to prove my existence or find my life’s purpose through art. I simply appreciate the fact that I can utilize this versatile medium as a means to create a forum for discussion between individuals.”

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