(Im)mutability – Meredith Knight


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ceramic with underglaze 16.5 Inches x 8 Inches x 2 Inches

Through craft, my work addresses social issues. The spatial compositions utilize architectonic structures that examine how social systems facilitate &/or limit opportunity & autonomy. My art promotes restructuring practices in equitable ways. Process & formal choices serve as metaphors for ideas conveyed through a global language that transcends the specific, allowing the viewer’s participation within a created framework.

Referencing traditional quilting squares, “(Im)mutability” upholds the beauty of textiles while shifting the typically soft forms to hard blocks that can be rearranged. The shift questions the permanence of warmth & belonging while showing that if lost a new pattern can be formed.

“Underpinning” shows two iterations of a grid, one that is supported through connections & a second that has been stretched thin with no support, distorting the geometry. It illustrates the consequences of social division & lack of social support.

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