Inextricably Entwined #4 – Mona Duggan


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48 Inches x 11 Inches x 48 Inches

Inspired by a fascination with materials, my current series of work began after a chance visit to a fabric store sale, where there was a table of bolts of net that had become unwound and haphazardly entwined. Bathed in light coming through the window, the result was a splendid blend of color. I bought yards of it and began the net series, using my palette made up of endless combinations of layered two-inch strips of color. The work submitted explores entwinement and the fact that confinement can spark surprising insights. This floor piece involved weaving one end of two panels of wrapped cords on a loom, hand braiding the loose cords of both panels, and then enclosing the panels by weaving the opposite ends.

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