Intrinsic Vibrancies – Kristen Brown



Oil on panel


Artist Statement

“Our remembering of relationships mineralizes the bones of the future, the endless possibilities for the exchange of intrinsic vibrancies, growing afresh in becoming something of another.”
—Monica Gagliano, Thus Spoke the Plant

This painting is based on a photograph taken of me and my newborn daughter reunited after being separated due to an additional hospital stay for me. It was a difficult delivery and ultimately ended in and unplanned C-section and post-partum preeclampsia. I struggled hard with postpartum depression, anxiety, the worst insomnia that I could ever imagine, and suicidal thoughts ultimately landed me back in the hospital. But when I saw my daughter again and held her, I knew everything would be okay and that it had to be for her. Everything still felt so hard, and I still hadn’t slept in almost a week, but I loved her so much and could feel our interconnectedness.

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Dimensions18 × 2 × 24 in

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