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Oahu Tube Amp (owned by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones)
In the 1990’s a company by the name of Tab Fukenwerk run by an engineer named Oliver Archut acquired the rights to the vintage lap steel “Oahu” brand name. This particular brand of vintage lap steel tube amps had been favored by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones for many decades. After hearing through the grapevine that Oliver was building new versions of the vintage “Oahu” design, Mr. Richards placed an initial order for 10 in 1996 and 20 more in 2005. He also requested a custom Black/White color scheme of that no one else could purchase. The particular version of the amp I was allowed to photograph was a prototype. Keith demanded to take it with him to use while he was waiting for the second order of 20 to be made in 2005. This amp is prominently seen being used in the recording studio by Keith Richards during Martin Scorsese’s 2006 “Rolling Stones” documentary called “Shine a Light.” Another gracious friend gave me access to this historic amp for the show & upcoming book project.

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