‘Key Largo’ – Stephen Courtney


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Furniture / Wood 43 Inches x 16 Inches x 43 Inches

Modern and progressive; dynamic and different: Such is as I like furniture most.
Furniture as Art, as sculpture. Sculpture with purpose, utility and function. Useful
objects of art designed to enrich, to elevate the living experience and summons
a sense of spirit and beauty to the human environment.
Although primarily a woodworker, I respond to the mix of materials such as wood,
stone, metals and hides.
From initial sketch, refinement in design, and thru the creative craft of making,
lines of balance, scale and proportion preoccupy my mind’s eye.
Color brings life. Humor brings spirit. I try to build both into a design, providing the
color, whim or humor does not give a sense of gimmick or, more importantly,
compromise the architectural, structural integrity to a piece.
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