Keyaki Tree at Wakamatsu – Barbara Mitchell




Artist Statement:

This painting depicts the massive Keyaki tree, at the Wakamatsu Farm in the foothills of Northern California. It was brought over by Japanese settlers on June 8, 1869 and planted as a sapling. This Japanese elm (or Zelkova tree) at Wakamatsu Farm is on the California Tree Registry. It towers over the Graner house which is located on the beautifully maintained property on Gold Hill.

I chose to paint this tree as it demands respect and attention. The Shinto rope tied around the trunk is called Shimenawa. When present, it means purification is being made. Such an age-old tree, it definitely needs protection and the Keyaki tree indeed has good energies. As a frequent plein air painter at that property, I thought it was an important element to add to the painting in my way of honoring and respecting the tree.

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Dimensions30 × 24 in

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