Links (Hedges Series) – Michael Sweeney


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Woven paper and chine colle print

15.5 Inches x 18 Inches

I weave sheets of paper from 1/8 inch shreds taken from preprinted sources that include maps, books, advertising, and comics – each strip is a fragmentary bit of text, image, or photo for reweaving and mingling as a way to acknowledge the state of noise that our media age generates. I overlay simple linoleum cut pictures that I draw from media sources and cell phone snapshots – relying on the simple character of line illustration.

By accumulating old information and newly printed layers into a woven object/image, I hope to depict relationships between noise and being that can slow down assumptions about what we see, what we know, and how information, knowledge and message are transmitted. I believe these works can operate in the juncture between McLuhan’s idea that the “medium is the message” and Bill Gate’s assertion that “content is king.”

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