Loose Threads Triptych 123 – John Angell



Photo encaustic, mixed media, found objects on wood panels


Artist Statement:

“I began working in encaustic later in life after admiring it from afar for many years. I love encaustic because it allows me to incorporate my original photographs, found objects (many of which I have had for decades) and other media in ways that reflect my artistic approach and evolution. I can create work that blurs the lines between painting, collage and photography with strong textural elements. Encaustic has a warmth, depth and luster that only the wax can bring. I feel I have found my way home at last.
My work has many influences, from centuries-old Chinese and Japanese landscapes to African tribal masks, Color Field painting, Theatre of the Absurd, Pop art, Abstract Expressionism, Hunter S. Thompson, Dada, Surrealism and the American Dream. I am captivated by the beauty of abstraction in works of humans and nature, their intersection and the ravages of time on both. I draw on my own adventures in living, foibles and shortcomings.”

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Dimensions36 × 1.5 × 16 in

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